September 6, 2016 - Cacheonix Announces PrimeFaces Cache Provider

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Project Cacheonix today announced a cache provider for PrimeFaces. Cache provider for PrimeFaces allows developers to improve performance of their web applications by serving the repeatedly generated content from a fast in-memory cache. PrimeFaces cache provider is available as a part of Cacheonix 2.3 release.

Developed by a global community, Cacheonix is an Open Source Java cache that helps developers build scalable applications by eliminating scalability bottlenecks.

Notable enhancements to Cacheonix 2.3 include:

- Cache provider for PrimeFaces.
- Code quality improvements.

Caching a segment of your PrimeFaces code is as easy as wrapping the PrimeFaces code in the <cache> tag:

    <p:cache region="primefaces" key="toolbar">
            <p:toolbarGroup align="left">
                <p:commandButton type="button" value="Save"/>
                <p:commandButton type="button" value="Cancel"/>

A complete list of features of the cache provider for PrimeFaces is available on Cacheonix wiki:

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About Cacheonix

Cacheonix is an Open Source Java cache that helps developers scale their applications horizontally by serving frequently used application data from a highly concurrent local cache and a strictly consistent distributed cache. Cacheonix supports caching on the web tier through the Cacheonix web cache filter and cache provider for web frameworks, business tier caching using a regular Java cache API and persistence tier caching with the Cacheonix Hibernate cache plugin. You can reach Cacheonix by sending an email to or by visiting

About PrimeFaces

PrimeFaces is a UI framework for Java EE. Components in PrimeFaces are developed with a design principle which states that "A good UI component should hide complexity but keep the flexibility". PrimeFaces community continuously helps the development of PrimeFaces by providing feedback, new ideas, bug reports and patches. You can reach PrimeFaces by visiting