San Jose, CA - July 2, 2008 - Cacheonix Simplifies Data Grid Deployment with Realtive Cache Size


A data grid is a group of computers connected by a high-speed local network that allows for the storing and accessing of significant amount of data. Cacheonix simplifies data grid deployment by adding support for a relative cache size to its namesake data grid and distributed caching solution.


Slava Imeshev, president and CEO of Cacheonix says: "The cache size is an important configuration parameter of the data grid. Companies use different Java VM configurations in development, testing and production. Until now they had to adjust the cache size for each configuration."


Slava Imeshev continues, "Cacheonix adds setting the cache size only once, as a percent of available Java VM heap. This simplifies data grid deployment by removing a manual configuration step."


Cacheonix is available through an early access program at


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Based in San Jose , CA , Cacheonix is developing distributed cache and data grid solutions. Slava Imeshev, founder of Cacheonix, can be reached at


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