San Francisco, CA - May 6, 2008 - Cacheonix Team Announces Distributed Java Cache and Data Grid Solution

Cacheonix Team comes out of stealth mode by announcing the distributed cache and data grid solution, Cacheonix. Developed for Java, Cacheonix is available through an early access program at


Slava Imeshev, founder of Cacheonix, says, "Modern financial industry and web applications developers are facing a never-before-seen requirement for simultaneous reliability, scalability and performance while processing amounts of data that cannot fit memory of a single server."

Slava Imeshev continues, "Cacheonix addresses this requirement by offering a distributed cache that partitions its data across a set of commodity computers connected by a high speed local network, with milliseconds latency for put and get operations. Cacheonix provides reliable infrastructure for data processing by creating back up copies of cached data and distributing them across the cluster. Cacheonix helps to increase performance of applications by keeping the hard-to get database data closer to the application, in memory."

Seguei Fichel, co-founder of Cacheonix, says, "Cacheonix 2.0 has evolved from a fast local cache to a fully distributed coherent cache. It represents more than a year of intensive research and development. We have just started an early access program for Cacheonix. Our goal in the program is to fix bugs and to collect additional requirements from the developers. Please visit to join the program."

Cacheonix at 2008 JavaOne

Stop by booth # 740 at 2008 JavaOne and meet the developers of Cacheonix in person.

About Cacheonix

Based in San Jose, CA, Cacheonix is developing distributed caching and data grid solutions. Slava Imeshev, founder of Cacheonix, can be reached at Serguei Fichel, co-founder of Cacheonix, is available at

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