Freeing Desk Space with Docking Stand

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My laptop takes quite some space on my  desk. The good news, there is a neat solution that allows to reduce its footprint almost 10 times.

I am using Mac Pro and MacBook Pro as development machines while working on Cacheonix. The Mac Pro is tucked under my desk and is practically invisible. Yet, the MacBook has been occupying a noticeable chunk of the desk surface, which is not nice:

Macbook Taking Space on the Table

The obvious solution was to set it upright, but how? My requirements to the solution were: simple; stable; good-looking.  An extensive research fetched a winner – Power Support’s Docking Stand for MacBook. This neat device satisfies all my requirements. The assembly includes pads to prevent scratching. The aluminum color that matches my MacBook’s body is a nice bonus. $40 price tag is a steal.

Assembly has taken 2 minutes and after getting it all together the MacBook has practically disappeared from the surface of the desk freeing about 50 sq. in:

Macbook with Docking Stand

Too bad PowerSupport stopped making those.  Henge Docks now makes a more advanced and a bit more expensive model that allows to really dock your Macbook.


Slava Imeshev
Cacheonix: Reliable Distributed Java Cache

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